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Technical fashion line sheets & sketches, Design Clothing, Fashion Design Software,  Fashion illustration

Fashion Line Sheets and Spec Sheets


Looking for information on how to create your own technical fashion line sheets and sketches? You’re at the right place. With Digital Fashion Pro and The Fashion Business Center - you can do it all and we teach you how. Keep reading on below.....

fashion technical line sheets

Digital Fashion Pro

A Complete CAD Fashion Design Software System and Fashion Course Wrapped in One!

With Digital Fashion Pro - users learn basic fashion design. The expanded system which includes the Digital Fabric Library comes with a tutorial that teaches users how to use Digital Fashion Pro to create technical fashion sketches and technical specification sheets. This is the CAD program you have been looking for. Very affordable with endless capabilities!

fashion line sheets, fashion spec sheets technical fashion sketch made with fashion design software
garment specs fashion design software

Digital Fashion Pro can be used to create technical drawings such as the sketches shown above. Technical Sketches along with design sketches (both created with precision in DF-Pro) are the foundation / first step in creating patterns and/or finished designs with superior accuracy. After creating the illustration portion of your technical pack in Digital Fashion Pro - you then can print it out or E-mail your technical sketches & measurement information to a professional pattern maker, seamstress or manufacturer for them to either make a pattern for you or go straight to manufacturing your garments. This is the normal fashion design process. Digital Fashion Pro sketches are approved by manufacturers worldwide.

We teach you how to use Digital Fashion Pro for technical sketching in the bonus Garment Specification Tutorial located the Beyond the Basics Upgrade CD. If you need garment measurement help please see The Measurement Specification Handbook located on our Books Page or Superstore Page.  If you need a better understanding of the fashion design process / garment measurements etc. - please read this article: the fashion design process and how to send sketches to manufacturers. Digital Fashion can help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind concerning your fashion design program with ease! It is a one stop shop! For the price and capabilities of Digital Fashion Pro - it just can’t be beat!  For pricing and options - keep reading on below.

how to design logos, digital fashion pro training

Create Technical Sketches Using DF-Pro Tutorial

With this tutorial - you will learn how to create technical sketches with your DF-Pro and basic spec chart setup.

technical fashion sketch
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fashion line sheets

System Requirements:

Microsoft Excel and Word - 97 or later. You can still watch the training videos without having Excel or Word on your computer. However, you will need those programs once you get ready to use the templates. You will need up to 500 MB on your hard drive if you choose to load the videos on your computer.

Why was this product created?

The Fashion Business Center was created to give fashion entrepreneurs the financial tools and training needed to successfully plan out a clothing line, execute spec sheets, catalogs, line sheets, tradeshows, style forecasting and much more.

The Fashion Business Center is the ultimate tool that fashion entrepreneurs have been waiting for. Your life as a new clothing line owner has just gotten easier. With our 3 Book Course and The Fashion Business Center - you will be well on your way! This tool will also come in handy while you are creating your business plan. This tool takes the guess work totally out the financial planning of getting your clothing line off the ground.

The Fashion Business Center CD

Fashion Line Sheet Templates, Contracts, Clothing Spec Sheet Templates, Order Sheets, Training + a Course on the financial aspects of running a clothing line that every fashion entrepreneur needs to know before going forward with a clothing line. This is one of the most revolutionary products ever created for fashion designers, ordinary people and fashion companies. The course / training inside of The Fashion Business Center will take you behind the scenes to show you exactly what things need to be done in order to run your fashion business successfully from a financial stand point.

fashion linesheets fashion line sheets fashion line sheet template fashion line sheet sample line sheets for fashion

The Financial Course aspect of the Fashion Business Center CD was created because many designers think that starting a fashion business is lead by the creative side (designing) when in reality it is the numbers that dictate just how far you can go creatively. Many new lines fail because they don’t meet the challenge of cohesively managing creativity with sound financial principles. This product will teach just how to achieve that balance and greater equip your clothing line to achieve success. This tool could easily be the heart beat of your business. After you finish the course aspect of The Fashion Business Center CD you will come away with the following:

  • Just how much money you will need to start your clothing line
  • How many styles can you bring out on your budget
  • What are all of the factors that go into planning out your financial strategy when it comes to a clothing line.
  • How to create, work, and distribute spec sheets to manufacturers
  • How many stores you will need to make your line a success
  • Virtually every kind of fashion related document that you will need is here at your disposal
  • and much more!

This tool ties together what you learn in our 3 Book How to Start a Clothing Line Course and Digital Fashion Pro and gets you totally ready to succeed in the Fashion Industry! There is no other tool like The Fashion Business Center in the world! It is imperative that you have this fantastic tool.

-- Michael H., Harper Arrington Publishing

Over 3 1/2 hours of training videos and helpful tips!

+ All sorts of important templates, contracts, and much more!

Besides our 3 Book How to Start a Clothing Line Course, The Fashion Business Center Tool is one of the most important resources you will need when trying to start a clothing line.

Get a host of fashion documents / templates that you will need from spec sheets to line sheets, from order forms to a custom built income statement forecast templates specifically designed for the fashion entrepreneur and much more! You will even learn how to create databases for mass mailings! This is the business tool you have been waiting for!

Make sure you read the system requirements before purchasing!

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